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What’s Wrong with Disability? It’s in the news every day. We hear it’s going broke, and that benefits to the disabled will be cut. Is this true? THE BACKGROUND  Who gets Disability? Disability Insurance provides income to workers or their family members if they become disabled. This is not a public assistance program. It is not an entitlement. […]

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“Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit.” —R. Reagan

Confused about where Social Security fits into the federal budget?  Ronald Reagan makes it perfectly clear. Watch Here:  Social Security is a fully autonomous program funded by payroll taxes. It is not part of the general fund. It has no borrowing authority. It cannot borrow from the General Fund and the General Fund cannot borrow […]

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Social Security-BULK PAYMENTS?

Can you get a bulk payment from Social Security? YES you can under certain circumstances. First there are a few things to review. What is your Full Retirement Age? Full Retirement Age is when Social Security deems you eligible for your full Social Security benefit. It used to be 65 for everybody, but the law […]

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Social Security: Costly Misunderstandings

A few days ago I did a talk at our local Senior Center. When I was first asked to speak my thought was, most of these people are already retired and collecting Social Security, they don’t need my help. But, I found that there was still confusion on a number of issues, even though most of […]

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Social Security: Your Earnings Statement

On December 31st, when most people were out reveling and bringing in the New Year, I received a surprise email. It was a surprise, because I’d never gotten one before. It was from the Social Security Administration reminding me to check my Social Security Statement online. It said the statement had important information and an […]

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Can I Work and Collect Social Security?

Absolutely! Working helps keep you motivated, stimulated and involved.  But, there are some things to consider. If you plan on working, you may want to think about waiting to apply for Social Security benefits until Full Retirement Age, because before that there is a limit to how much you can earn per year without penalty. […]

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Social Security Spousal Benefit

Social Security Spousal Benefits You are entitled to spousal benefits if you have been married for at least one year or are divorced and had been married for at least ten years. In both situations you must be at least 62 years of age to apply. If you have reached full retirement age, you may […]

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The 3 Critical Facts You Need to Know about Social Security

For the past seven months, I have been researching and writing about the ‘Basics of Retirement.’ When I turned 58 years old and realized I didn’t know how it all worked, I decided to find out. The first thing I discovered is that I was not alone. In reading articles and blogs and listening to […]

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What Is The Best Age To Retire?

This is like asking “What is the best age to get married?” There is no right answer. It depends on the individual and the circumstances, but there is information that can help you make a good decision. The earliest age you can begin collecting Social Security is 62. You can apply for benefits between the […]

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