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Longevity—how long does my money have to last?

How long will you be here? None of us want to talk about this, but we need to in order to make good choices. The Social Security Administration has a Life Expectancy Calculator that can give you a rough idea, but you will also need to consider your health history, family history, and your lifestyle. […]

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How Much Will You Receive from Social Security? How Is It Calculated?

You need a total of 40 credits to qualify for Social Security retirement benefits. For each $1,200 you make, you earn one credit. Each year, you can earn up to four credits. Once you have earned $4,800 you have earned your four credits for the year and do not accumulate any more. Your yearly earnings […]

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What Is My Full Retirement Age? Why Does It Matter?

Since I started researching for my book, Retirement Basics, I find myself in many conversations on the topic. Earlier in the year I sat next to Fred from Indiana at dinner. He told me he was waiting patiently to reach age 65 so that he could apply for Social Security. I didn’t want to burst […]

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