How to Earn More In Retirement -

How to Earn More In Retirement

Never Underestimate the “Power of New”

There is nothing as stimulating and exciting as newness. Remember moving to a new place or starting a new job? How do you feel when you wear new clothes? Pretty good no? You name it, if it’s new, it’s thrilling.

As retirees, we can have everything new. It’s all fun and different. It’s not the same monotonous job you’ve been doing to for years. This time you get to choose; this time you get to dream; this time you can have what you want. This time you don’t have the pressure of supporting a family, having to prove yourself, or having to get ahead.

It’s all about doing what makes you happy.

Retirement today is a new beginning, not an end. What would you like to do?

Start a Business – Is there anything you’ve always wanted to try? If you’ve had the pressure of working for yourself, getting a part-time job might seem like a vacation. If you’ve always wanted to work for yourself and didn’t have the luxury of trying, maybe now is the time.

There are many small businesses you can start without a big investment. Some don’t take anything financial overhead—writing, for example. You might freelance, or copy edit, or write marketing materials for local businesses. You can start a blog. You can write a book.

Try something; if it doesn’t suit you, try something else. When ideas pop into your head, don’t ignore them, explore them. They may take you somewhere you never thought you’d go.

Evaluate Your Skills – The computer enthusiast will always have clients, especially in our generation. Many of us often need help setting up new equipment, repairing old equipment, uploading software, and just getting the darn things to do what you want them to. Boomers didn’t grow up with computers and many struggle to navigate the digital world.

Consider web design, managing Facebook pages, and social media marketing. There’s a wide- open field out there. You could be a consultant for small companies, individuals, or local businesses. Put in as much time as you want or need. Put your talents and skills to work for you.

If you speak another language, tutor students or travelers. Do you play an instrument? Give lessons. Do you knit or sew expertly? Teach at a shop or give a class at the local college, adult education, or senior center. Get busy.

Sell Your Services – If you like to tinker, paint, or garden, then sell your services. Are you good with cars? Do minor repairs. No one likes having to take their car in to get their oil changed. There’s a market for a mechanic who makes house calls. Wouldn’t it be great if someone came to your house and did it right in your driveway for less than you would pay at the service station?

Trade Services – Save neighbors time and money. You could say, “I’ll dog sit for you if you mow my lawn.” There are many opportunities here.

Be Social – Stay connected with family and friends. Join clubs, start groups with similar interests, and visit the senior center. Seniors report that being social is the number one element for a fun and rewarding retirement.

If you keep active, productive, and engaged, then retirement will open up a whole new world for you.

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