Panama - Retire Abroad -

Panama – Retire Abroad

Panama wants you!

With its stunning beaches, artistic mountain communities and dazzling cities, Panama has something for everyone and at a price that can’t be ignored.

You walk along a sundrenched beach. Warm water gently tickles the soles of your feet while the scent of sea and surf envelope you.  You sigh and feel the knots in your shoulders begin to unravel. You’re home.

Panama has beaches on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean each with its own alluring charm.

On the Caribbean is Bocas del Toro an archipelago with dozens of islands—some inhabited, many not. With its white sandy beaches and crystal clear water, this area has become a laid back tourist destination. There’s snorkeling, diving, water sports of every kind as well as deep sea fishing and sailing. It’s a resort without typical resort prices and attractive to retirees.

Coronado nicknamed ‘The Hamptons of Panama’ is close to Panama City and a weekend getaway for the work-weary. It offers shops, restaurants and nightlife in a relaxing beach atmosphere. Outside the city are many smaller beach towns with reasonable housing costs. This area has a large community of expat retirees.

Panama also boasts wonderful mountain communities. Boquete is known as an artist community that is very involved in local activities. It attracts painters, writers, theater, and designers of all kinds. The expats are well-established here, and English is widely spoken.

Nearby Volcan offers the cool mountain air at a lower cost than the more popular Boquete. Both offer stunning natural beauty and a wide array of outdoor activities right out your door.

Now, to Panama City. It is first class. The building of the Panama Canal has made it a bustling commercial center for over 100 years. The city attracts people of all nationalities and cultures. You can feast on a variety of flavors and tastes from all over the world as well as the local fare—of empanadas, tamales and yucca frita.

There is world class health care here with the most prominent hospital affiliated with Johns Hopkins.

The shopping is superb. It is here you will find your favorite brands and those items from home you just can’t live without.


  • Excellent infrastructure: roads, utilities, cell coverage, internet
  • Uses American dollar
  • No deposit necessary for residency
  • Low income level required for long-term visa
  • Generous Retiree Discount program 15-50% off on
    • Prescription Medications
    • Doctor, Dental and Optometry Fees
    • Restaurant Food
    • Utilities
    • Entertainment and Transportation
  • Easy access to the United States
  • English is widely spoken in popular areas
  • No Hurricanes

Retirees from all over world are flocking to Panama. Its preserved natural beauty and lively, Latin American lifestyle make it an excellent choice for the budget conscious retiree looking for a place that has a multitude of options and treats its resident guests as family.

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